Helping Hand Nursing Service is here to answer your questions about Private Home Care

Answers About Private Home Care

Private Duty Home Care is typically for non-medical care and can be performed by a non-licensed caregiver such as a companion or home health aide. However, some Private Duty Home Care companies do offer licensed caregivers such as LPN and RN. The duration of care can be either short-term, long-term or on an as needed basis. Private duty can be used in conjunction with Skilled Home Care or Hospice to offer additional support to the client and family or completely on its own.

No, private duty home care is not covered by traditional health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Private duty home care is often an out-of-pocket expense for the client or family. However, Helping Hand is qualified to work with many community organizations, that offer assistance in paying for services, as well as long-term care insurance plans, auto insurance, veterans benefits, and worker’s compensation. We are happy to assist you in finding resources that you may qualify for that can assist with paying for some or all of your care.

In Michigan, private home care agencies are not required to be licensed or regulated as a medical provider, because private home care is considered non-medical.

Yes, Helping Hand maintains all of the required insurances and more.

Yes, Helping Hand performs ALL the following background checks at hire and at regular intervals during the course of employment. Background checks consist of the following:

  • IChat(yearly)
  • OIG(monthly)
  • SAM(monthly)
  • MIPSOR(yearly)
  • MDOC
  • National Sex Offender(yearly)

Contract specific background checks that are not on our standard list can be performed upon request.

Using an agency offers reassurances that many people aren’t thinking about when they are anticipating hiring a caregiver privately. Reputable agencies such as Helping Hand are insured for general and professional liabilities, unemployment and worker’s compensation. The company handles payroll and tax obligations, benefits, background checks, training, supervision by a licensed nurse, scheduling and call offs. These are just a few of the benefits of having professionals handle your care.